We have some tips to keep your house cool in the hot summer.

You can be kind to environment and save some money on electricity bill at the same time. 

  1. Block the sun out

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Close your blinds and curtains. Choose block out curtains. External window coverings will help you in summer. Sunlight coming into the home through windows was the biggest culprit for heating the house. Awnings, roller shutters or shade sails will help stop direct sunlight from getting in the windows.



2. Open windows and balcony/verandah  doors in the morning and at night.

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Closing your windows and staying inside may be a great idea during the day, but when it gets cooler in the evening you may want to open your house up to cool your home naturally.



3. Eat outside and do not use the oven

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Cooking dinner in the backyard or at the park may be a cooler alternative to being in a steamy kitchen too, so make the most of a cool breeze when you can.


4. Use cooling towels

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Sip icy-cold drinks, apply a damp cloth to your neck. Towels work through evaporative cooling.  Not only does the wet towel feel pleasant , but the temperature differential between the user’s body and the towel will help transfer heat from the body to the towel. The heat is then lost through evaporation, providing a cooling effect.



5.Turn off lights and unused appliances and invest in energy – saving light bulbs

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Stay away from incandescent lightbulbs. They produce a lot of heat, so switching to energy-saving bulbs can help cool your home and save heaps on energy costs.





6. Invest in some  house plants

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Potted plants can reduce the heat in the house.  Plant deciduous trees that cast shade over your home in summer, but still let the sunshine through in winter.



7. Use a fan to cool down a room

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Set your ceiling fans to rotate counter-clockwise in summer to push air straight down helping to create a cooling effect  You can run a fan all day and you   won’t affect your electricity bill too much as a fan is the cheapest air conditioner on the market.


If all of those don’t work for you, why not put your feet into cold water? it is another sensible way to cool down your body temperature. Or talk to Expand Renovate to keep your cool. We can build your home cleverly with thick materials like concrete slab. Also we can install roof vents and choose a lighter roof for better insulation.