Are you thinking about selling your property soon?

There are not many houses on the market compared to the market. Therefore if the house is well represented on the first open home, you are guaranteed to get more for the property. 

So there are many homeowners/sellers who are doing some cosmetic renovation to increase the value more than ever. 

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How can I add value to my house before selling? We know how to increase the value of your home.
The Best Ways To Add Value To Your Property
  1. Add a fresh coat of paint
  2. Replace old flooring with a new covering
  3. Garden maintenance and landscaping
  4. Convert closed-off kitchens to an open plan.
  5. Upgrade doors and windows
  6. Freshen up your street appeal
  7. Clean and declutter before showing your home
  8. Upgrade internal lighting fixtures


Another tip, If you are asking what is the bare minimum to add value to the property, the answer is “Paint walls and replace your carpet “. This way, you can maximise your bang for your bucks. Great-looking interior flooring or trendy interior flooring will impress the buyers.

The next question will be what increases house value the most?

As a home renovation expert, we recommend investing your money into your kitchen and bathroom. Bedrooms are bedrooms but updated kitchens and bathrooms create the biggest impression on your open home days.

86% of home buyers are saying that they rather choose a house that finished all the renovations than buy a house that needs work. Based on these statics, you might consider looking at getting renovations done at your property. At Expand Renovate, we would like to keep the cost minimum when you are selling a home. Because we understand what you are looking for. So talk to us today (0499 036 991) , and let us help you to get your house sells faster.