Prep your homes and gardens for flood

Plants and grass that will accent your back garden and home’s exterior after the flood when the sun comes out again. A smartly landscaped garden can help prevent flooding your home from leaches through your foundation into your home, creating basement flooding and heavy rainwater damage. If you have been damaged or been hit by a flood recently it is a great time to think about making your garden more flood friendly.

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1. Sprinkle some lawn seeds

Also, you can add lawn food to promote them to grow them stronger and greener. Planting new grass can reduce the impact of floods as the grass can help absorb rainwater. Please do not cut your grass too short this will weaken the grassroots.


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2. Plant some plants that prevent flooding in your garden

Some plants can help to prevent soil leaches from the flood and allow water to drain effectively.

  • Bamboos
  • Gingers
  • Cannas
  • Swamp lilies
  • Sedges
  • Tarrow
  • Rainforest palms
  • Banana tree

can cope with wet seasons and help to absorb water in the ground better.



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3. Level a sloping yard

To avoid incoming water, the ground should slope away from your home in all directions. Locate the high and low points of your home and garden and use extra soil and dirt to slope the garden away from the base of your home. Adding mulch can prevent flooding toward your house.  This can help keep soil and dirt in place and hold in heavy rainwater,


4. Adding mulch in the garden

Adding mulch can prevent flooding toward your house. This can help keep soil and dirt in place and hold in heavy rainwater.



5. Add drainage and clean out gutters

Paved driveways can be affected by floods. In order to reduce the chance of floods install drainage throughout the house and by the driveway. To keep the cost down, you can add gravels along the driveways too. Make sure to clean all remaining debris. Lastly, Wash the gutters thoroughly.

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We hope everyone is safe and get less impact on the next floods. If your home has been damaged by floods you might consider home lifting. Have a chat with Expand Renovate. You can reach us by calling us on 0499 036 991 or messaging us on Facebook.