The rental market in Brisbane is so competitive than ever. Tenants are struggling to find an empty rental property. 

You will see how hard to get a rental property when you show up for an inspection.  Due to the high demand for rental property, having your bond ready is not just enough to stand out your rental application from hundreds and thousands of applications. 

In such a competitive environment, having your bond, first month’s rent, and a list of perfect references aren’t enough. You will need to stand out from others as the ideal tenant to secure your application.

Low Rate Rental Vacancy  across Brisbane

What should I say on a rental application?
You need to include:
  1. Personal details + Information on pets if you have them
  2. Employment status and details ( Current or previous employment)
  3. Rental history : Prove that you have paid the rent on time
  4. Any references that are valid.

Make sure you have all the correct documentation

How can I make a rental application to stand out from others 
  1. Attach Payslips
  2. Photo of yourself or family
  3. Maximise how many months/years you would like to lease the property
  4. Present reference letter from current employment and previous landlord: Any evidence from past landlords or an employer saying you are trustworthy


 it can’t hurt to be over-prepared. In fact, it is time to over-prepared. 

You’ll need a photo ID and secondary ID from below.

  • Drivers licence
  • Passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Medicare card
  • ATM card
  • Student ID card
  • Vehicle registration
  • Health care card
  • Bank statement
  • Utility bill (with current address)
  • Signed lease
  • Payslip
  • Employment letter or reference

Rental history

If you have a good rental history that will be a big plus point!  A great reference letter from past property managers/landlords will stand out in your application. It is one of the most important concerns for property managers and landlords for sure. Make sure to provide a rental ledger so that you can show that you have been paid the rent timely.


 Follow up

After submitting an application, wait patiently but you haven’t heard anything 48 hours later, it is also ok to follow up and the property manager/agent can see you are serious about this property but make sure that you are respectful and easy to communicate.