Now, it’s time to talk about cleanup.

Here is some cleaning up tips from a flood, Take a look at what steps to take if you have flooding damage and make a claim. Before you start cleaning up, please take photos of things that you want to make a claim about, secondly be sure to be safe. Avoid electric shock from water.

What you will need: N95/P2 face mask, shovel, big sized broom, gumboots, cleaning gloves, work-friendly clothes, torch, protective eyewear

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Shovel or scrape the mud off your floors, furniture, and walls before the mud dries. Then hose down the walls with clean water, starting from the top ceiling to the bottom floor.

  • Major white goods (refrigerators and stoves) : They can be washed and dried completely. In most cases, they will not be damaged unless they were operating at the time the water covered them. If they do not work, take them outside for the mud army to collect them.
  • Household items ( small appliances, walls and floors) : Diluted chlorine bleach can be used to clean household items. This also will help control odors.
  • Wood furniture: They should be dried outdoors, but not in direct sunlight. Remove drawers and other moving parts before they dry
  •  Food:  Should be discarded. Do not take a chance.

Floodwaters drag sewage and germs and viruses along with them. Water pooling and an excess of moisture from a flood. Therefore this will bring microorganisms, such as viruses, bacteria, and mould, that can cause disease, trigger allergic reactions. Some molds can be spotted easily because of their colour. Otherwise, it can be also invisible.  

Here are some tips to deal with mould in your property.

Open all doors and windows to dry out the moisture. Airing out the rooms is the first thing you need to do it will also get rid of bad smells. You can use fans and air conditioners. This will speed up the process.

You can get rid of mould by cleaning with anti-bacteria products (e.g : Ajax, Dettol, Pine O Clea, etc ), detergents, or soap. Clothing or bedsheet can reuse after washing but if they are severely damaged you can discard them.

Don’t rush to move back in. After a house has been flooded, it must be thoroughly cleaned and dried to be habitable again. We believe that there are many rental properties that have been damaged as well as homeowners’ property too. This will cause a rise in house prices as well as a lack of rental properties. If you want to have a chat about redesigning a home after a flood, Expand Renovate can help you. Give us a call on 0499 036 991

Make sure to check out support from the government for flooding damage recovery too.