Is my point of contact the builder or just a salesperson?

It’s the builder, from the beginning. Our principal Shaun Mills does the initial assessment and is your builder, carpenter and point of contact during the building process to ensure every aspect of the job is completed to the highest standards and delivered on time.


Is there a charge for the on-site consultation and estimate?

No, this service is free.


How much do concept designs cost?

Design concepts cost in the order of $2,500, which we waive if you contract to build the design with us.


Do I have to engage other professionals (such as an architect, draughtsperson or certifier)?

No, Expand Renovate have an in-house designer who prepares all concept designs and plans, and we deal directly with the independent private certifier. We lodge the building application for you and organise and pay the usual insurances, statutory body charges and other fees.


Can I live in the house while you are renovating or expanding it?

With most projects, yes. We aim to minimise any disruption to your lifestyle including by minimising dust and noise, keeping the house clean during work and cleaning up at the end of each day. With some larger projects that need services to be disconnected (such as house lifts and building under), it may be more convenient to move out for a short time.


How long does a home extension take?

Depending on the size of the extension, it takes between 12 and 16 weeks on average.

What about the wet season?

A wet weather time allowance is included in the contract, therefore no time delays are expected.


What makes Expand Renovate different from other builders?

Shaun will be the builder, carpenter and your personal liaison during your build to ensure every aspect of the job is completed to his highest standards and delivered on time.