Home Renovation Brisbane on the Rise!

Home renovation Brisbane clients have steadily increased over time, with old and worn features being restored or replaced while keeping with the style. If you live in an old-style house or you have just bought an old-style house in Queensland, Australia this article is for you. As much as we love the current features of our homes, things do degrade and wear out, so you have options for restoring, replacing and updating the look.

Your home is a place of love. Every piece of furniture, every wall, every window has its story and if you have just bought an old-style house, you probably fell in love with the history that came with the house. Occasionally it’s time to make a sequel of the story.

The world is changing constantly. People now are more aware of the value of saving money, increasing the value of their home and there can be a lot of joy in restoring an old home that gives many memories. The main reasons you would choose to renovate include:

  • Stay in the home and the neighbourhood you love.
  • Save yourself the stress, hassle and expense of selling, buying and moving.
  • Cost-effectively increase the value of your home and improve your lifestyle with the latest in windows, doors, colours, fittings and fixtures.
  • Continue to live in your house while we expand or renovate it.

We are aware that everyday life is made up of the little things. The environment in which we live is extremely important to be filled with comfort and happiness, and your home is the mainstay of this.

What Do You Get From A Home Renovation?

Here are some of the benefits of renovation:

Proper renovation will increase the energy efficiency of the house, which not only saves money, but also adds on the value of the house itself. By replacing worn-out or weathered-looking structures, you will:

  • Save on our electricity bills
  • Improve the quality by using modern materials designed for the current climate
  • Give a fresh, updated look without removing the charm of the original home
  • Increase the living space for the future

How Do You Choose A Renovation Company?

When choosing professionals like Expand Renovate for your renovation, there are a few key points. It’s important to choose a company with experience, who understands the history and attachment to your home. What we will do is take into account your design ideas, while conforming to all building regulations and requirements. Expand Renovate is a family business that offers a personal and professional service to clients.

A good business will reconcile tradition with modernism and give you options how your living space will look even before renovation begins. We offer:

  • On-site consultation
  • one person assigned to the entire job from start to finish
  • A wealth of experience in design and building

For these reasons and more, contact us at Expand Renovate today to begin the new chapter of your home’s life.