Home Extensions Brisbane – Things To Consider

Home extensions Brisbane are considered complex projects and require proper planning before you begin. Expand Renovate will explain these thoroughly when you make an appointment to discuss your ideas. Whether you are making additions to your home to create more rooms and living spaces or just to increase the market value of your property, here are some important things you must put into consideration before embarking on that home extension project.

Getting your Design Right

Getting your design right before you begin is a must. Whether you are building outwards or upwards, you will need to check with different designs to see which one fits into your existing building. You can let your imagination run wild with redesigning ideas until you arrive at something that will work for you and your home. From your first contact, Shaun will listen carefully to your requirements and ideas and provide some initial options to start the discussion about bringing your extension or renovation to life.

Whether To Move Out Or Live In The House While Construction is Ongoing

If you do not have anywhere else to go or the money to rent a temporary living space, don’t worry. You can discuss with Expand Renovate about your plans to live in the house while the work is completed. We handle the job in a sequential manner to minimize your discomfort while the project lasts. In most cases, you can live in your home while we do the extension or renovation. That can mean big savings by not needing to rent temporary accommodation.

Understand The Local Zoning Regulations

Every municipality has its regulations when it comes to height, floor area ratios, etc. Make sure you find out from them what size of addition you can make to your home without breaking any laws. Expand Renovate will have this covered so you need not worry. After we sign the contract to go ahead with your renovation extension, we pay all the necessary insurances and charges and lodge the building application for approval by a private certifier. We also give you copies of all the planning and building documents you need for your insurance and financing requirements.

Understand Your Budget

Once you know what type of addition your home can take in line with available spaces, it is important you cost the project and have a budget. Home extensions can be quite expensive and a budget will help you know whether available resources are enough for the project or not.

How The New Extension Will Blend With The Old

One other important thing you must consider is how your planned home extensions Brisbane will work with what is already on the ground. This means that some ideas may not be possible from a practical perspective, or can end up blowing your budget to make happen. Let’s break this down a bit:

1. Plumbing

You already have pipes and joints everywhere in your house. It is important to consider how the plumbing work in the new extension will fit into what is already in use.

2. Floors and Roof Lines

It is also important to consider how to get your new floor levels and roof lines to line up with the old ones. You must get the right depth when digging the foundation. If the depth is missed, every other thing will certainly be off. Expand Renovate take all of these factors into consideration when assisting with your design and have the knowledge to explain what will work and what won’t.

3. Electrical wirings

Connecting the additional space to the power supply in the old house is very important. You need to be sure your existing electrical panel has adequate spares to carry additional circuits and devices.

Adequate preparation and putting every vital factor into consideration is the only way to have a problem-free home extention. Putting the points here into consideration before you get to work will help you get the desired results from your home extension project. Expand Renovate have over a decade of experience in these considerations and can help you bring your dreams to reality. Get in touch with us today!