House Lifting Brisbane – What’s Involved?

House Lifting in Brisbane is fast becoming a popular alternative to the conventional build up and out types of renovations. This particularly true in the suburbs south of the city, such as West End, Greenslopes, and Highgate Hill. These were some of the first suburbs created

What’s Best Type Of Home for Lifting?

Queenslanders and other post-war Brisbane housing styles are perfect for lifting up and building under for extra space. This is because of the house already being slightly elevated off the slab, to begin with. Other types of homes are able to be lifted, however it may be more complicated.

What Are The Advantages Of House Lifting Brisbane?

  • An ideal way to keep your existing yard and garden space
  • Can improve your view
  • Lifting can enlarge a house that can’t take a second story on the top.
  • You can also maintain the character of your house and stay within any heritage requirements, ensuring the integrity of your home is fully intact.
  • If there is potential for flooding, this may assist in preserving the home.

Expand Renovate can work through the options with you, not just to add space but to configure your expanded house to locate bedrooms, bathrooms and living areas across two floors to suit your lifestyle.

Why Choose Expand Renovate?

  • We have the necessary skills and expertise to serve an expanding niche market. This makes us the ‘go-to’ builder for all things relating to house lifting and building under.
  • We can also assist with general alterations and home renovations that freshens things up to meet current style trends
  • Everything is covered: from simple cosmetic restyling, upgrades of single rooms, and major structural renovations
  • We plan to suit your personal specifications.
  • Our building team can build and remodel kitchens, bathrooms, family rooms and bedrooms, which can include expanding or repairing the existing structure.
  • Many homes have been lifted and built under very stylishly by Expand Renovate, enhancing the overall design space of the home.

Many people are opting to choose home lifting builds in Brisbane, but why? It’s a better option for space, practicality and improved functionality.  Working on an existing home negates the need to move house and attempt to buy in a volatile market. What is the most important thing our clients tell us they want? A renovation or extension that complements their home – not clashes with it.

Our designs will integrate the new work with the original design of your home. By using compatible materials and finishes such as external cladding, roofing materials, doors, and windows, we create seamless new work. This means that it blends in with the current design of your home.