Kitchen House Renovation Brisbane Hacks

It’s a fact that we can’t always have the huge dream kitchens that we see on display at home shows and online. The good news is that with a bit of creativity, even a small kitchen house renovation Brisbane job can give a fantastic look!

Today’s blog post will cover a few different kitchen hacks to make use of every bit of space available!

  • Build a butcher block board into a slide-out tall drawer. Cut a hole in one section of the board and place a rubbish bin underneath. You now have a chopping space and food waste disposal!
  • Using wire shelf risers, you can increase vertical storage space. This will give you removable, multi-level storage to store all of your plates, saucepans etc
  • Add plastic crates to shelves to make slide-out “drawers” to store and separate things like tea towels and small, miscellaneous kitchen items
  • Add dividers to drawers to separate utensils and other miscellaneous items that don’t really fit anywhere else.
  • Utilise the walls for storage. This includes cupboards, shelves, wall hangers
  • Use a hollow island bench or butcher block for storage and preparation space
  • Hang things on the sides of your cupboards
  • Use compact containers and label them for easy identification
  • Turn every corner into a storage space
  • Add storage helpers
  • Clear away the clutter in small kitchens

These small kitchen house renovation Brisbane tips above give an opportunity for you to create your own style of making kitchen space more effective. Although these tips may be simple, it is effective enough to make a big difference in your small kitchen space.