What Are Essential House Renovations Brisbane?

If you’re serious about increasing the value of your home then the answer is…ALL repairs/house renovations Brisbane are must do. This is particularly important if the plan is to sell your house down the track. Anything that can be fixed that has not been fixed will cost you money. Anything that is old, outdated, worn or in disrepair will cost you money. So, the first question is what needs essential house renovations Brisbane?

The most important part of increasing value is when people approach the house and the front door. If someone has a limited budget, they should tune up the street appeal—clean and neat landscaping, freshly painted front entry, paint or replace the garage door if it is on the front of the house. Then make sure you deep clean the entire interior top to bottom. Putting in some hard work yourself will save money.

If your budget has a little more room, then you can add more things to your list.  Painting the entire interior, replacing any worn carpets and upgrading old light fixtures. Still relatively cheap and a good return on your money. From there you move into areas where the return on investment might be less. It is not recommended to do the work yourself, which is why it is important to hire a professional, insured company like Expand Renovate. Then you can upgrade kitchens and bathrooms, and get a positive return. If you attempt to do the work yourself and run into problems requiring fixing by someone else, there’s a good chance you will not maximise your profit when you sell.


The best investment in essential house renovations Brisbane is one where the sale price minus your total invested equals the biggest number. Expand Renovate specialise in well thought out, original designs that make use of your current space or increase it. Get in contact with us today to see how we can help.