What Is A Renovation Builder Brisbane?

When you think of the word ‘renovation’, what do you think of? The technical definition means “the process of returning an item to a good state of repair”. This can be as small as painting and putting down new carpets, to an entire home rebuild. In the construction industry, renovation refers to the process of “improving or modernising an old, damaged or defective building”. “Retrofitting”  is “providing something with a component or feature not originally fitted”. The last term is ‘refurbishment’ which is a “process of improvement by cleaning, decorating, or re-equipping”. A renovation builder Brisbane is a person who does the design and structural renovation of an existing house or building.

What does a major renovation mean? One definition states it is “the renovation of a building which more than 25% of the surface area of the building undergoes structural change”.

It is common for people to purchase run-down or structurally unsound properties and renovate them as a means of increasing their value and “flipping” them to make a profit. Typically, renovation work has two primary areas. The first is ‘cosmetic’ which refers to the appearance such as rendering, replacing window fixtures and the like, or ‘structural’ which involves changing the physical structure, beams and major fittings of a house or unit.

What is a Structural renovation?

  • Electrical re-wiring, plumbing, re-stumping to correct areas where the house might be sinking to improve its soundness
  • Roof conversions to build up a second storey
  • Extensions outwards, like extra rooms
  • Changing floor plans and rebuilding  kitchens, bathrooms etc

What is a cosmetic renovation?

  • Painting and other forms of visual change to the appearance of a room, plus minor repairs to cracks.
  • Flooring.
  • Updating fixtures and fittings.
  • Light landscaping such as adding plants and garden beds, building a retaining wall and other things along those lines

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