Your home is your investment. There will come a time when you need to do upgrades and renovations. It may be because of a growing family, to improve amenities, or for recreational purposes. Home renovations can be challenging. Renovation planning is not as easy as how you see it on reality shows. In fact, you can get into a lot of mistakes and surprises. 

If you are just planning on getting a renovation or home extension, you might start to ask yourself, “where do I start?” For starters, you can seek professional advice from leading house renovators in Brisbane, like Expand Renovate. Get an overview of what needs to be done and avoid common home renovation mistakes like these below:

Thinking Your Renovation Budget Won’t Go Over What Is Expected

You did your homework, and you have made your budget based on the prices you’ve researched. However, there should always be a contingency budget. There are unforeseen scenarios in renovation projects that might cost you a little extra. 

Risking Your Safety For A Faster And Cheaper Project

Home renovations and extensions in Brisbane doesn’t happen overnight. This means that you can’t rush the project if you want a quality, sustainable upgrade. You might be tempted to squeeze your budget and opt for cheaper materials. But before deciding on this, remember that you’ll be staying in your home for a few more years, and you wouldn’t want to risk your safety and comfort for a lesser price.

Overlooking Legal Requirements And Regulations

Many homeowners think that they can do any renovation without consulting the authorities. However, there are specific building codes and regulations you need to adhere to before getting started.

Acting Like You Know It All 

You are the homeowner, so it’s your orders that should be followed. While this is true, you also need to consider the advice and recommendations from experts. Be open to suggestions, and learn from this experience.

Hiring Inexperienced Friends And Family

Homeowners assume that they cut their costs if they hire their family and friends to help out the renovation. On the contrary, hiring inexperienced friends to do the job might result in costly damages instead. So, it’s best to hire a professional home renovator in Brisbane or choose friends with experience in home renovations.

Underestimating The Power Of Photographs

One way to effectively communicate your dream renovation is through photographs. It sounds a bit old school, but contractors will get a better vision of your goal if you present similar or exact photos of what you want to happen.

Starting Without Complete Material

Getting too excited and starting without complete materials can result in a disaster. Make sure to check your materials and tools if they are all there. If it is, then you can start on your project.

Ignoring Your Gut Feeling

When looking for the right contractor, you might need to meet three to five agencies first. That way, you can see how your initial meetings go. Trust your gut. If it made you uncomfortable, those feeling are only going to multiply during the renovation.

Jumping Into The Project Without Looking Into The Specifics

Perhaps you just want to roll with it and see how it goes. Remember that you will spend a lot of time, money, and effort on a home renovation. Do some research and make sure you are ready for this kind of project before actually starting.

Thinking That Your Dream Renovation Is Impossible (And Settling For Less Instead)

Your dream renovation or home extension might look impossible when you don’t know how much it will take to achieve it. Hire an expert contractor who can give you a comprehensive overview and manage ways to make your dream into a reality.


To avoid most of these mistakes, it pays to have a reliable house renovator in Brisbane to help you out. Expand Renovate has been in the industry for years. They have continuously delivered excellent home renovation and extension services in Brisbane at minimal cost and with less to zero mistakes.