When To Add Second Storey Additions

Nowadays, second storey additions and extensions are amongst the most popular types of residential renovations. If you have extra space on your allotted land, it will allow you to expand your home. Thus, second storey additions or extensions involve remodelling and expanding your house, adding the extra room needed to yours and your family’s requirements.

Second storey additions appear in different forms and types, different sizes and solve various purpose and functions. Whether it is adding new space or improving existing space, a home extension is a great way to improve your living conditions. It can also serves a purpose to put unused space to good use, which can increase the value of the property.

The only thing you have to consider is what type of addition you need and what purpose it will have. Depending on the style of your home, you might want to expand the ground floor of your house or make second storey addition.

The most important stage of your home renovation is a search for reliable and competent professionals. You simply need their knowledge and expertise for successful home addition or extension. Moreover, they will save you from headaches and nerves, which you definitely will face during the construction. Furthermore, professionals deal with everything from the planning and design to final touch-ups and provide assistance with the whole process of your home addition. This is where Expand Renovate shines in the building process we use for our clients. You can check out our website for more information.

You should build an extension if:

    • You need more room
    • It is too costly to buy another house and sell the current one
    • You like your current location
    • Increase space and functionality to your home
    • You have the cash or you can afford the additional loan payments
    • You want to bring your house size more in line with the rest of the neighbourhood.
    • Add privacy and comfort to your home

In summary, there are many considerations when planning for a second storey addition. While it can seem like the perfect solution, there can be hidden issues that can make it unsafe or impractical to follow through with the process. Professional advice is key, so do your homework and get in touch with Expand Renovate today.