Expand Renovate specialise in second storey add on’s and second storey extensions Brisbane. If you’ve currently got limited space and need extra rooms built, the best solution might be to go up, not out. A second storey or an elevated level can add real value to your home; and greatly expand your existing living space for your entire family. Our professional builders can create the ideal living space for any type of home, taking into account your specific design needs, style and existing structure. Whether you need a bedroom, study, entertainment area or an additional bathroom upstairs, Expand Renovate can get it done right and to your exact building specifications.

One of the advantages of extending upwards is you get to keep your current outdoor space and instantly improve your views.  You could also make changes to the ground level, while you’re at it.  No job is too big or too small. We have the experience to advise you about whether a second storey extension Brisbane will work with your current home, the scope of what’s involved and an estimation of costs.

Second Floor Extensions in Brisbane


Second floor home additions in Brisbane, is a popular and cost-effective way to build without the price tag of buying a new piece of real estate. With homes becoming less affordable in recent years, upward house extensions and alterations are fast becoming the preferred choice. In most cases, you can even live in your home while we do the extension or renovation. We make it easy and stress free for you. We’re here to listen carefully to your requirements and ideas – discussing various options to bring your extension dreams to life.


Second Storey Additions in Brisbane

At Expand Renovate, our goal is to take the hassle out of the building process. After we sign the contract to go ahead with your renovation extension, you can rely on us to take care of all the necessary insurances, plumbers, electricians, charges and building approvals. We also provide you with copies of all the planning and building documents required for your insurance and financing purposes.


Adding a second storey to your Brisbane home is an effective way to gain more space and living areas without losing yard space. Whether you have a small block or simply want to preserve your yard, a second storey is a great space-saver that lets you efficiently add value to your home. There are many options for a second storey addition, you can add more bedrooms, a teen hangout, a balcony to enjoy the outdoors and host people, or even a whole ‘second-home’, with bedrooms, kitchenettes and bathrooms. The possibilities for second storey additions are only limited by your imagination.


An updated and modern addition to your home can make your home stand out in all the best ways. If you want to sell in the future, having an extra storey and rooms can greatly enhance your home’s sell value. There are many distinct styles and types of homes in Brisbane, including cottages, traditional ‘queenslander’, art deco, and more. Whatever unique existing style your home has, we can build upon this to ensure a second storey that blends well with your existing home.


Our experienced team will work closely with you throughout the process of your second-storey build. Highly knowledgeable and qualified, you can be sure that Expand Renovate are the best team for the job. We produce high-quality plans, select the best building materials for your unique build, and then get started working on adding a stunning, highly functional second storey to your home. 


Customers throughout Brisbane are delighted by their homes after working with Expand Renovate to add an additional floor to their home. Don’t just take our word for us – read our satisfied customer reviews

When you choose us to plan, design, and build your second storey, we guarantee:

  • Professional, experienced, and fully licensed Brisbane builders
  • The highest quality workmanship available
  • Hassle-free approval process
  • Competitive rates and no hidden fees
  • Friendly and helpful customer service

Our builders are equipped with all the gear necessary to get the job done. We utilise the best tools and equipment available in the industry so that we can deliver polished, high-quality work to our customers. 

What are you waiting for? If you’ve been dreaming of adding more vertical space (and value!) to your home, get in contact with Shaun and the friendly team at Expand Renovate.