Home Extension Brisbane Types

Home extension Brisbane types are varied. Some homeowners struggle to balance increasing home prices and their family’s growing space needs. If you are experiencing a similar problem, getting a home extension will increase your home’s space without breaking the bank. This article will further discuss the different types of home extensions to help you choose the ideal option for your home.

Here are five common home extension Brisbane types, which will have more in-depth explanations below:

  • Loft conversion
  • Single-story conversion
  • Multi-story conversion
  • Glass-box extension
  • Garage conversion

Loft/Roof Conversion

If you currently have a spacious roof, opting for a loft conversion may be the ideal choice. This option is great compared to the other types of home extensions due to its cost-effectiveness. The process of loft conversion does not require much structural work, requiring less time and resources to accomplish it.

Single-Story Extension

This type of home extension takes up one story, as the name implies. The additional story is usually built either at the side or at the rear of a house. People who get single-storey extensions usually have a space near their house, such as a garden, where they can extend their property.

Single-story extensions are also suggested when you are planning to have an additional dining area or kitchen. For these extensions, most homeowners prefer to add bi-fold doors to add stylishness and attract sunlight into their home.

Second-Story Extension

For those who have vast outdoor space and willing to spend some additional cash, a double extension can add significant space in your home. Aside from the extra space, you get more property value and you open up the possibility of adding rooms on other floors. However, in getting multi-storey extensions, you need to get planning approvals which can be quite tedious.

Glass-Box Extension

In getting this particular extension, you don’t only expand the space of your home, you also invite sunlight into your home. Glass-box extensions require specialized building and architectural services to achieve them. If the majority of your household occupants like to feel one with nature without the damaging effects, this would be the perfect option.

Garage Conversion

Compared to the other extensions, this conversion takes less time to build. Since there won’t be much construction work involved, it will approximately take just several weeks. By opting for this home extension, you make space for both your car and living space.


While most of us require home extensions at some point, we have different reasons and factors to consider in doing them. In choosing the perfect home extension option, you usually consider your budget, extension capabilities, and useful additions you prefer to have.

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