Planning for a home extension in Brisbane can be both exciting and nerve-racking. You may have saved up and waited for this home upgrade. You might have carefully thought about the process and considered doing this on your own or with minimal expert help. You probably have that design in mind, and you just can’t wait to lounge in that newly-built area in your home. 

But before you get carried away with all that excitement, there are important factors you need to know and understand. Here are eight things to consider before starting the project:

Quality of materials

How do you define good quality? Is it how a material looks? You know what they say that not all that glitters is gold. Hence, you shouldn’t judge a good quality material on how shiny or new it looks. You need to choose the kind of piece that will sustain for a couple of years. If you have trouble finding reliable materials for your home extension.

Time Frame

How long is the expansion going to take? The proposal gets processed and approved for about six months. The usual building duration can take around two months, depending on your expansion’s size and structure. Your home won’t be the same for that period. It is also highly recommended to have your home expanded in spring or summer. That way, you won’t run the risk of having it prolonged over the Christmas holiday.


How much are you willing to spend? When it comes to talking about the budget to your architect and consultant, be open about it. Tell them your target budget and negotiate your terms. Expand Renovate gets your home expansion project done with minimal cost since they waive any design fees. 

Building Permissions

As much as you would want to express your creativity on your home extensions, there are still building rules and restrictions you need to adhere to. Luckily, there are extension projects that don’t need planning permission. However, you still need to follow height restrictions or their recommended building materials. You can ask your consultant to know more about these permissions.


Having a home extension might cause disputes among neighbours. You must let your neighbours know about your plans in advance. A letter will also be given to them by the local planning authority.


Make your home extension last and minimise costs at the same time. Improve the thermal and electrical performance of your home in a way that takes lesser energy consumption.


Almost all houses are insured, and when adding a new area, make sure your home extensions are still part of the insurance premium. There might be changes to its cost, depending on the size of your home extension.

Professional Help

You can’t do this alone. That’s why you need the help of reliable architects, renovators, and consultants. You will be working with these people for a few months, so it’s best to choose a company that not only delivers excellent workmanship but also has that warm connection.

The Experts You Can Trust

Getting professional help to rely on is not hard to find. Expand Renovate is the leading house renovator in Brisbane who can get your project completed efficiently, on time, and within budget. Satisfied customers commend them for their great workmanship as well as their respect and friendliness towards every client.