Do you plan on having a home renovation? Don’t know how to get started? That is pretty normal for most homeowners. Getting a home interior renovation is a big deal that the tiniest detail should be considered. 

There are many things to think about in a home renovation from the style you want to the list of expenses it entails. Get the interior design you love while smartly spending your money. One way you can do that is to research and plan ahead. For a better perspective, you can ask the help of home renovations experts in Brisbane, like Expand Renovate. Their knowledge and experience in home renovations give you simplified insights, quality services, and affordable quotes. 

To get yourself ready, here is a comprehensive interior renovation checklist you ought to check out:

Areas to Renovate

Determine which part inside your house should you be renovating. If you plan on having the entire house refurbished, it is recommended to have them done one area at a time. You don’t want your entire home looking like a construction site and live uncomfortably.

Living Room 

A simple makeover can transform your living room into a warm, inviting place where your family and friends can enjoy each other’s company. If you have a fireplace, you can opt for a modern style and technology for lesser energy consumption. For new furniture, save costs by looking at auction sites.


This part of the room should be accessible, safe, and well-ventilated. You can replace cupboards and kitchen surfaces with new and sturdier materials. To save space, you can request ergonomically-designed drawers and cabinets.


Just because they are behind the walls, electrical wires should not be overlooked. Trace your switches and cables, and see if they need any rewiring. Make sure your electrical service panel is inspected and that it works according to your preferences. A renovation is also an opportunity for you to choose a different type of lighting. You could shift to warm lights for your rooms. You might consider environment-friendly lights as well.


Go for a total update during the renovation. Replace outdated fixtures with modern ones. After many years of usage, these pipes could be worn out and obstructed. Look for pipes that need replacement. 


Modern houses usually have an open layout, which makes it easier to increase your space. If you plan to break down a few walls that connect rooms, make sure to seek advice from a professional such as Expand Renovate. These layout changes would need a foundation upgrade, which requires a more advanced set of expertise and skills. Other homeowners consider building an extension. However, you would need a planning permit for any type of extension. 


Instead of putting carpets in every room, you can change your flooring to laminated hardwood floors. If you prefer keeping the carpets, make sure to buy new ones for the areas with heavy footfall. 

Get Better Aesthetic Changes with Expand Renovate

Renovating your home interior is not an easy job, and you can’t do it alone. Expand Renovate is an expert in home renovation for many years and have delivered excellent services since then. With their help and expertise, you can make your dream home interior a reality.