Is fixing up an old house worth it? There are many reasons for renovation, and among them is to enhance the comfort of your home. It gives you the chance to create a new space while preserving its charm and character. It can be challenging, but it can also be a beneficial and satisfying experience. So, why move when you can repair and rebuild?

Renovating an old property is just as complicated as building a new home. You should prepare yourself for practical issues along the way depending on the scale of work you are willing to carry out. There are a few things you need to consider to make the project successful.


Know your maintenance cycles. Before you embark on home renovations in Brisbane, educate yourself and take time to learn and evaluate the condition of your old property to avoid any damage. 


Old properties will require an update on its electrical systems and replacing old wirings. You may need to pay some fees to get the house working again, such as reconnecting the water supply and cleaning out the septic tank. Taking on an old property means dealing with expenses for every repairs and replacement you make. Hence, you need to have a financial plan and an estimate of the expenditure that you need to do.


While you may be doing a lot of research for your renovation, it pays to hire the experts. Their experience and knowledge will guide in creating the most suitable repairs or home extensions. They can be your renovating partners from start to finish — from identifying repairs to coming up a realistic budget. 


Just like any home renovation, you need to create a timetable. This way, you can avoid overlapping tasks or unnecessary costs. Having a schedule on the progress of your renovation means you exercise control over your project. This allows you to maximise most of your time at a limited time and budget.

Roof Inspection

Check the roof to know the required job to be done if the damage is extensive or just needs a few shingles to be replaced. You can look into its documents to check the age of the roof and when was the last time it had an upgrade. 

Dealing with Windows

Take a look at all the windows in the house. You can restore their structure rather than replacing them. Maintenance and repairs will pull your windows through another decade or two. However, if you opt for an entirely different layout in your home, you can modify those windows according to your preferred style.

Wood Rot

Check the exterior of the house and look for wood decay caused by fungi. If the case isn’t as bad as it seems, you can treat the rotten wood instead of spending your time and money on replacing the whole thing.

Interior Design

Give life to a vintage home by revamping its style while preserving the original features. Make the house more personal and functional without losing its personality.

Renovations could take time and often has surprises. Your plans and timeline may not go according to plan. Still, decide thoroughly on what changes you want to make, including possible upgrades or home extensions. An old house has plenty of characters, but with Expand Renovate, you can keep its uniqueness while transforming it into a modern space. Why move when you can enjoy a new home while you can stay at your current address?