Home extensions Brisbane ideas can feel overwhelming. Functionality, budget and being allowed to make these home extensions will cause a great deal of stress. This is where Expand Renovate can jump in and save the day.

If you have space and a realistic budget, then adding a home extensions Brisbane can add value to your home and give a better quality of lifestyle.

Whether it’s adding or enlarging bedrooms to enjoy your personal space, expanding and upgrading to a spacious new kitchen, creating more storage space or extending the living room, Expand Renovate can discuss your options and do the hard work for you. We don’t just tack on extra space to your existing home, we can help you re-conceptualise your living space to create a lifestyle you may not have thought possible.

Bring Your Outside, Inside!

If your current residence isn’t making the most of outdoor living, then you’re missing out! With Brisbane’s tropical climate, opening up living areas to seamlessly incorporate a beautiful, functional outside space is a great idea.

Tropical Garden Retreat

Following on from the above home extensions Brisbane ideas, an inside/outside living space is one thing – but the next best idea on our list is a self-contained, entirely separate garden retreat or office. Perfect for work-from-home people who need something a little more secluded and quiet from the main house. Or a great idea for kids who love having their very own rumpus room space. Maybe even a granny flat to rent out for extra income might be a possibility. Get creative with the design, and it will add value to your home – especially for someone looking to house a growing teenager who makes a lot of noise with music or gaming!

Build Upwards

Removing a roof to build up instead of out may seem drastic. Believe it or not, there are actually plenty of options. Are you considering a big change by adding a whole new storey to your home? Maybe it’s just another room or two to utilise space between your ceiling and your roof. You can also take advantage of a sloping block with a raised extension. Like all extra building work, make sure you find a reputable company to help you design and also check with your local council!

Have a Slope? Go Split level

Builders these days are having to build homes on sloping blocks. This next home renovation Brisbane idea can be an attractive option for blocks like these. One of the more popular home extension ideas is split-level living. You’ve seen the opulent layouts that have features such as a lounge room that spreads across two different floor levels. It could be a cool, sunken media room, just a single step downwards or something more drastic. However split level homes are laid out, either inside or out, they almost always look very modern and spacious.

Add a Deck

We previously touched on the topic of outside living. Why not think about a deck? Have you ever not enjoyed sitting outside on a spacious deck? Ever seen a beautiful deck that you wished was yours? A deck is actually one of the easiest home renovations to add value and living space to your property. They are one of the quickest, easiest and least expensive home extension Brisbane ideas

In summary

Now your thought processes have started – can you turn them into reality? Start by contacting Expand Renovate and make sure your ideas are within local council regulations before you get too carried away. Happy Renovating!