Home additions are a great way to give your home a fresher look, providing additional space every family would need in a while. But many would not like the idea of having house extensions or renovations. For them, it would just be a decision where the expenses outweigh the benefits. They couldn’t be more wrong. Here, we have compiled reasons as to why adding a bedroom is actually beneficial to your home.

Added Value to Your Home

A home’s worth is correlated to its area. Adding a bedroom will boost your home’s value, even attracting buyers that possibly want to accommodate a larger family. Price increases vary but studies have shown that prices could go up by an average of $90,000-95,000, with some even going higher if home renovations are done efficiently. If you are planning to sell or rent out your property in the next couple of years, surely adding a bedroom would be a worthwhile long-time investment.

More Room For Kids

Kids would eventually need some private time when they grow up. Adding a bedroom would help them have the time to make their own decorations. You could even help them become responsible adults by training them to care for their rooms by cleaning and arranging their stuff. They might not need it right now, but an added space to your home for other activities wouldn’t hurt.

Added Creative Space

An added room to the house would surely be welcome for the artistically-inclined. You can make it your room for writing, painting, crafting, gaming, or even your own mini-library. And even if you are not the artistic type, you could definitely think of some other way to utilise the additional space, like a sports memorabilia room. You could even set it as your friend circle’s hangout room.

Cheaper than Moving

Whatever your initial opinions are about house additions, it can’t be denied that it would be much cheaper than actually moving. Moving has more hassle with all the planning, packing, and hiring involved. Not to mention the time you would put in adjusting and reorganising your new home. Adding a bedroom would cost less, and would have less hassle.

Extra Income

If you have a spare room in your house, you could always open it for renting. It could give you the additional income you would need to pay the monthly bills while utilising the space. It’s not the most ideal advice but some homeowners would do so to make up for the building costs. And given the state of the world right now, a little extra cash would be a great welcome.

Home additions offer more ways to customise your house to your liking. They require less hassle and would always be more affordable than moving out. Whatever your use for the extra space, adding a bedroom should never be overlooked. If you are serious about adding a room to your house, talk with the professionals at Expand Renovate, and know more about the benefits and pricing of home additions.