The past year and a half have been an unprecedented experience for all of us, and there has been what’s known as a ‘COVID-19 renovation boom’, with many people in Brisbane, and throughout Australia, giving their homes an uplift.

Unused travel expenses have freed up resources for many people in Brisbane, with more homeowners deciding to add value to their property by spending the money that would have gone towards a trip or event on a home renovation. This makes it an ideal time to renovate your home now, and add value to your home before you commit to selling.

If you’ve found this article, perhaps you are in the same position and have some extra money that would be well spent on an additional bedroom, new bathroom, or house extension.

Here Are 3 Reasons Why Renovating Your Home Is A Great Idea:

1. Increases Your Home’s Selling Value

Why sell now when it’s possible to add significant value to your home first, and extra cash in your pocket down the road? If you’re thinking about selling now or in a few years, consider increasing the market appeal of your home with an update to the living room, kitchen, bathroom, or add additional spaces and rooms. A fresh addition to your home can improve its aesthetics, visual appeal, and function. Adding another bathroom or bedroom could add tens of thousands of dollars to your home when you eventually do decide to list.

2. Improves You and Your Family’s Quality of Life

It’s not just an increased market value that you get when you renovate your home, your own life and living experience is enhanced when you give your home a face-lift. A brand new, visually appealing bathroom or kitchen can improve the enjoyment of your home for you and your family, and make you want to spend more time in it (which many of us have had to do more of this year!). Extend your living area to bring the family together for movie nights, or add a modern dining area so that you can eat breakfast and dinner together.

3. Improve the efficiency and functionality of your home

Maybe you’ve had a new child and are needing another bedroom. An extra bathroom would help speed things up in the morning rush when there’s a race for the shower. If you have a gamer in the house, a new office or man-cave might be the perfect space to relax and even spend more time together as a family or with friends. Renovations allow you to create the perfect home that aligns and functions specifically for you and your family’s needs. Time savings and enhanced comfort and enjoyment are some of the benefits you can gain from investing in your home.

Don’t Wait To Renovate

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