The views on a kitchens role in a household has been changing over the past decade or so. The kitchen back in the day used to be a place solely dedicated to cooking, but now many believe the kitchen is what defines a house. We all still use the kitchen for cooking, obviously, but now we spend much more time there. Many people entertain guests from their kitchen, take advantage of the storage potential, practice hobbies etc. It’s almost like a second living room!
For the above reasons, It’s not surprising that one of the most common rooms in the house people renovate is their kitchen. So, If you’re at the beginning of your kitchen renovating journey and you don’t know where to begin, here is a good place to start: Here are our 5 tips on renovating your kitchen.

1 – Always Keep your Budget in mind

To avoid any unnecessary heartbreak, never forget that you’re working within your budget. A kitchen renovation can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000, depending on a multitude of factors. We will cover some of these factors more in detail, but keep in mind that your budget encompasses everything in your kitchen, such as all appliances, fittings, finishes, cabinetry etc. You also have to factor in the size of your kitchen, the bigger the kitchen (or the planned kitchen) the more expensive it will be.

2 – The Size of your Kitchen Space

Just as previously mentioned, knowing the size of you kitchen space will make the renovation a lot easier. Not just on the budget, but knowing the exact measurements of the kitchen the way it is before renovating so you know how much room you have to work with. This will allow you to plan your home renovations Brisbane more accurately, so things will go more smoothly.
It’s also important to think outside the box. Once you know the dimensions of the space you have to work with, don’t be afraid to use it! (if your budget can allow) there might be opportunities to extend room and functionality by possible taking down an unnecessary wall, leaving room for a walk in pantry? or even an island? Its important to consort with your renovators before coming to any conclusions.

3 – Use plumbing that is already there

One of the most expensive parts of renovating a kitchen can be redoing the plumbing, so if your plans can handle little to no changes to the current plumbing system, it can have huge impacts on the budget! It’s not uncommon for plumbing changes needing to occur as a result of renovation, so if you have any concerns, don’t be afraid to ask your team.

4 – Appliances make the kitchen

It’s important to ask yourself, “what am i going to need to make this kitchen functional for me?” Because sure, new countertops, faucets and cabinet doors are lovely, but they wont help you brew that perfect cup of coffee in the morning, or cook a delicious dinner for your family, that help is needed from the appliances you will install in your kitchen. So, keep in mind where your budget is going, and is it going towards something that will make your life better or easier?

5 – Time

It is essential going into any renovation project, that you allow enough time for your builders/contractors to do their thing. Having a clear road map from the start will be greatly helpful. Things like knowing the scale of your project, if you need any custom pieces ordered from overseas will be crucial to keeping your home renovations Brisbane on track.
Renovating your kitchen or any other room in your house can be a very exciting time, but also a very stressful and daunting one as well. We always would recommend that you consult with builders/contractors when thinking of starting up a project. If you are seeking home renovators, please contact us here at Expand Renovate!