It is odd to think that we are already over halfway through 2021. And with a new year, comes new house renovation trends that have emerged from passionate home renovators. In this article, we will show you all the new trends that 2021 has to bring, but also some from previous years that continue to endure.

Home Gyms

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first. COVID shook the world last year and forced all of us to spend a lot more time at home, self isolating. It’s also news to no one that many of the facilities that we took for granted were suddenly out of the question when people’s safety was in question.

This gave rise to many people adding a home gym to their house, eliminating the need to leave the house to get exercise. 

Bold Colours 

Maybe the recent pandemic also had an effect on the creativity of home renovators as well, as they proved this year that home renovations do not need to be expensive. All that is necessary for a fresh new look and feel, appears to be using bolder colours, paints and a new layout to spice up the room you are wanting to renovate.

DIY is on the Rise

The new attitude for basic renovations is “why don’t I just do this myself?”. More people than ever are completing simple jobs such as retiling the kitchen or bathrooms, repainting or upgrading appliances themselves.

However, we cannot recommend that you try knocking down walls or installing new electronics without professional help and guidance. You can Contact Us here if you are looking for help on your next Home Renovation Brisbane. 

Upgraded Outdoor Living

For many people during lockdown, their backyard is their oasis. Feeling cooped up in your own house is a feeling we all know too well, so updating your outdoor living situation so you have a nice, comfortable place to have some fresh air and relax can do wonders for one’s state of mind.

Upgrades such as bigger windows to let some more natural light into your house, Outdoor cooking appliances such as fire pits have exploded in popularity since 2020.

Adding Swimming Pools has also been a very common way to spruce up your backyard, but that isn’t exclusive to 2021!

Home Offices

Many of us have had to adopt a work-from-home lifestyle in recent years, and this has given rise to the surge in popularity of Home Offices. Having a dedicated home office isn’t a luxury that many had in the past because not many had a need for it, but times are changing! 

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