When you’re renovating or fixing up your bathroom, there are a lot of factors to consider. Not only utilities, but also supplies and fixtures. Here is a basic outline of what is absolutely essential and what should not be overlooked, in order from smallest change, to biggest change.

Absolute Basics: Supplies

Say you’re planning to have guests stay in your house for an extended time and your guest bathroom has gone unused in a while, you have got to stock up on the essentials before your guests arrive for their stay. 

As this is a guest bathroom, it is not very important to buy supplies that are meant to be used for a long time, so opting to purchase single use or disposable items (razers, combs, toothbrushes etc.) will save you money in the long run. Travel sized shampoos, conditioners and mouthwashes are also a great way to save!

New Accessories

New and modern bathroom accessories bring whole new opportunities as to the overall utility and comfort of your bathroom. Storage space is a huge plus for bathrooms. New shelving or drawers allow for more freedom when it comes to storage. Adding new tech to your bathroom such as a heated towel rack adds a flair of modernity to your living space. Although, keep in mind that all new accessories must flow seamlessly in design compared to the rest of your bathroom.

Repaint the Walls

The possibilities are endless when we’re talking about repainting the walls. There’s a lot to consider here. Do you want something simple and clean? Or Bold and flashy? The decision is up to you! Having a feature wall or strip is a great way to get creative with your Home Renovations Brisbane project. 

Wall tiles are also quite common, so changing it up with a new pattern or colour will completely change the overall feel of the bathroom. Use your chosen pattern or colour to accentuate the feeling or mood you want your bathroom to give. 

All New Fixtures

Depending on your budget, all new fixtures are the sure-fire way to give your bathroom a fresh new feel. Anything from new taps, baths, toilets, lighting etc. Many new exciting innovations are coming with new appliances, such as hygienic rimless toilets and smart showers. These will not only bring an increase to the value of your home, but also bring a well deserved upgrade to your lifestyle!

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