Home Extensions Brisbane are a fantastic way of some square footage and a new flair to your home. When done just right, they also can drastically raise the value of your home, as well. With this list, we hope to inspire you to start your very own Home Extension journey! Here are some Brilliant Home Extension Ideas:

Additional Bathroom

A very simple extension, but one can never have too many bathrooms in a home (especially a big family home). For example, In many two storey houses have 2 bathrooms; one either upstairs or downstairs, then one attached to the master bedroom. In a big family setting, this does not bode well. 

By simply adding an extra bathroom on the floor that lacks one will increase not only the functionality of your home, but increase its value, too.

Increase porch size

The front or back porch is a staple in any great home. Not only does it provide protection from the elements when entering your home, it supplies a great space to rest and relax outside, comfortably. 

Extending your front porch will allow visitors optimal and comfortable sitting or waiting areas. Extending your back porch, however, opens up many new possibilities. Possibilities such as a second (or informal) dining room, or simply a nice, relaxing outdoor lounging area protected from the sun, wind and rain.

Seamless flow from outdoor to indoor

The Australian culture and way of life revolves heavily on the outdoors, and our homes reflect this. Tailoring your Home Extensions Brisbane to create a seamless flow from inside to outside should be essential for any outdoor lover out there. Some particularly popular ways of achieving this is having your living room open up directly to the backyard, or opening up the kitchen to your back porch for it to double as a bar.

Home Gym

During COVID, a functioning Home Gym is one of the most envied and sought after rooms people look for in a new home. 

There are so many advantages to having your own home gym. For example, you can use whenever you want, 24/7, you no longer have to share your space with strangers.