It’s no secret that the internet is where everyone receives most of their information. With the over abundance of content and opinions it can be hard to pin down good sources of inspiration. In this article, we will detail 3 websites that are great for Home Renovations Brisbane inspiration!

1. Houzz Australia

Houzz is a great place for home-related product suppliers or producers to post about their own products so people can find them more easily. It is set up similarly to Pinterest (see next point) where you can save collections of photos and divide them into different organisational folders on your profile. What makes Houzz unique is that it focuses on sharing home-related products that link to the original supplier.

Click the link here to see Houzz’ Website

2. Pinterest

This is the most popular photo dedicated platform with this functionality. You have probably heard about it, maybe even had a look around, but this is a go-to site when looking for inspiration. 

Pinterest is great because everyone can upload their own content to the site for others to view, so there is a sense of community. It’s also not exclusively about home design, there are plenty of categories ranging from home décor to inspirational quotes, and pretty much everything in between. We recommend exploring the Home Décor and Architecture categories, both have excellent content and plenty of subcategories and pins to get lost in!

Click here to see Pinterest Website

3. Masterclass

Masterclass has exploded in popularity in recent years. Odds are you’ve seen an advertisement of this site while browsing other sites (Facebook, YouTube etc.). Masterclass is a platform in which experts in basically all fields create classes and lectures teaching students their area of expertise. They feature such people as Gordon Ramsey (teaching cooking), Samuel L. Jackson (teaching acting) and Neil DeGrasse Tyson (teaching scientific thinking). All courses featured on Masterclass are extremely well done, with high production value and loads of insight.

For Home Design, there are multitudes of different courses and lectures you can choose from as well! We recommend Frank Gehry’s course on Architecture and Design. It is very insightful and inspiring to have a seasoned designer walk through his mental process and way of getting things done. 

click here to see Masterclass Website

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