Are you considering selling your home? If the answer is yes, there are a number of areas in your house that could improve that drastically increase the value of your home. These areas range from the littlest of details, down to complete overhauling of rooms. In this article, we will detail 5 value-adding Home Renovations Brisbane Ideas.

Reimagine the Entrance of your home

The best place to start this list is coincidentally the first thing people see when they enter your home; the entrance. This encapsulates everything to do with your home’s entrance, down to the front door, walkway, foyer and (if applicable) front porch garden. It’s very important to remember that first impressions really count! And this is a relatively simple change you can do by yourself. A fresh coat of paint, and some new, well maintained plants for the garden will go a long way in increasing interest in your newly for sale home!

Stage your Living Areas

A common practice in Australia that’s beginning to make its way across the pond here in Australia is to stage your living areas. What do I mean by this? Well, staging your living area means that you’re not placing your furniture and appliances in positions that are not necessarily functional, but they stylise your home to make it appealing to a larger group of people. In other words, don’t set up your furniture to be liveable, set it up to be pretty!

Think of a furniture catalogue or home décor magazines, the rooms they show are not supposed to be lived in, it’s merely placed to be pleasing to the eye so you’re more likely to purchase what they’re selling. It’s the exact same principle used when staging your home. There are companies out there that specialise in this, and now that you’re aware of this you will certainly begin to notice it more and more!

Add an Alfresco Area

 If you’re unclear what an Alfresco area is, it is an extension of your home that is built under the main roof as a sort of indoor – outdoor area. Alfresco areas have been booming in popularity in recent years due to their aesthetic qualities as they fit the Australian lifestyle and are often on the wish-list of new home buyers. If you add an Alfresco area to your home, it is sure to increase the value of your home.

All the little things add up

It’s important to not forget the little things! It’s often the smallest of details that are the deciding factor in whether to buy a new house or not. Things such as clean / new floors, blinds, walls, décor etc. have a large effect on the overall feel of a house. 

Put yourself in the shoes of a possible buyer of your home. Think about what you would like to see. For example, would you rather see outdated and dusty blinds? Or brand new, modern designed blinds? Boring white walls? or stylish framed prints and art pieces or even a splashback for the kitchen? You want your potential buyer to feel as if they are stepping into a clean, modern and stylish house that has been well cared for.

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