How to keep your bathroom floor dry. If your house has a bathroom then chances are that you have a floor in your bathroom at some point in the past you have probably wondered how to keep it from getting wet. There are a few different ways of doing it and here we will discuss the main ones.
1. Keep a small dehumidifier on the floor of your bathroom. These little suckers are great at drawing water out of the air and collecting it in a bucket for you to empty later on.
2. Always wipe your feet before entering the shower or tub area, this will prevent excess moisture from being tracked into the bathroom when you walk across wet tile floors.
3. Dry your bath mat. If you have a bath mat, be sure to hang it up to dry after every bath session, this will help avoid mold and mildew growth on the bath mat which could create an unhealthy environment in your bathroom.
4. Use a squeegee. After you shower, squeegee your shower stall floor dry so that the water drips into the drain and not on your bathroom floor.
5. Clean your bathroom floor frequently with a damp mop to keep dirt and soap scum from preventing water from being absorbed by the flooring; this will help keep your bathroom floor dry.
6. Buff your tile and grout with a soft brush attachment on your hand-held vacuum cleaner if you have one at home or hire it done professionally every six months or so to remove dirt, grime and mildew from the grout lines.
7. Replace cracked tiles or tiles that are missing grout within your bathroom as soon as possible because water can seep into these cracks and create ugly staining on your bathroom floor.
8. Check that you have enough ventilation in your shower area because moisture can form on wet walls when there isn’t proper ventilation and this can lead to stains
9. Place a bath mat or rug by the entrance to your shower or bath. This will absorb some of the water before it can run onto the floor. 
10. Use a squeegee to remove excess water from shower walls and doors after you have finished showering.
11. Clean your bathtub once a week, especially if you have hard water. Hard water produces scum and soap suds which can make it harder for water to drain away quickly.
12. Install a bathtub overflow drain stopper or plug if you do not already have one (most bathrooms do). These plugs will prevent water from overflowing onto your bathroom floor should the drain become clogged.