Home renovation Brisbane and need some inspiration? Look no further! Here are five great ideas to make your house a remarkable home you’ll be happy to live in for years to come.

Add a deck/ outdoor room/ outdoor entertaining space.

Australians love an indoor/outdoor lifestyle – and why wouldn’t we with our climate? Adding an extra living area with a deck or entertaining outdoor space is the perfect way to make the most of our abundant sunshine and – once you have it – you’ll probably end up spending most of your time there. Create a seamless transition between your living room and the outdoors with retractable doors, bring the outside in visually by adding pot plants that extend out onto the patio and dissolve into the garden, and add comfy seating and a dining area to make it usable all year round.

Extend your space upwards.

If you’re short on room, consider a second storey extension. If your house is on a slope, you can add bedrooms or communal areas upstairs that make the most of the view while keeping your garden footprint intact. A popular trend right now is to add balconies and a wall of retractable glass doors to open up rooms to the breezes and add even more room to enjoy your space. Remember to include a bathroom on the second story, so you don’t have to run up and down the stairs all the time.

Give your bathroom some resort spa style.

Large, luxurious bathrooms have been at the top of home renovation Brisbane lists for a few years now – we all want a private space just for relaxing after a hectic day at work. Think generous baths, walk-in showers with double shower heads, double vanities, plenty of storage for all your bibs and bobs and mirrors and marble tiles everywhere. To stay on-trend, you’ll also want to consider a large picture window that overlooks a leafy enclosed courtyard, so you can feel like you’re in the great outdoors while you soak in the tub. Bliss!

Build a studio space.

Whether it’s a she-shed, man cave, home office, music room or just somewhere where you feel you can unleash your creativity, everyone dreams of a place of their own to retreat to when they need a bit of peace. Building a studio at the end of the garden gives you a chance to indulge your interests undisturbed from the usual hustle and bustle of a family home. Another great idea is repurposing some or all of your unused garage space with the addition of windows, partitioning, plasterboard and carpets. This is a particularly useful option if you want a home office because you create a healthier work/life balance, a place to receive clients that’s outside your home and a killer 30-sec commute!

Beef up your storage.

We’re often drowning in our ‘stuff’ these days. Sometimes just finding places to store everything can make your home feel larger and more zen-like. If you’re not up for a full-blown home renovation or extension, smarter built-in storage space in each room will get your stuff out of sight but still easily accessible when you need it. Streamline bathrooms with mirrored cupboards that stretch from just above your vanity to the ceiling – they’ll have the added effect of making your space look twice as big. Add in-built, floor to ceiling wardrobes in bedrooms that includes shelving and drawers for all your clothes, shoes, jewellery and more. Make the most of your unused attic space with a fold-up ladder and dormer windows – clearing clutter makes a huge difference.

If you’re looking for more clever ideas to extend your home, give us a call.