Small Space Storage Ideas

Small space storage ideas are a necessity. As much as we all wish we had ample space to store all our stuff, it is not always the case. In the case that you can’t do a home extension, you can get creative with some ideas to help you out.

1) Keep Your Floors Clear

Nothing makes a space more cluttered than having the floor covered with stuff. Clothes, knick-knacks, miscellaneous home decor items – they will add to the look of having no space.

2)  Attach Storage to The Walls

Who says storage needs to be on the floor? Following on from our first idea, why not utilise your walls and doors for storage spaces to put your items? Shelving units mounted on the wall or over-the-door hangers can add storage to areas that need it.

3) Use Corners & Nooks

Shelving and storage units don’t need to be large to be useful. Corner units or a few small. narrow shelves can provide useful storage for small items.

4) Store Items Outside Their Regular Places

If you have a particularly small area like a kitchen or bathroom, storage can be a massive issue. Particularly in small units. One idea is to store your less-used items in a room outside the kitchen or bathroom and only keep the essentials there.

5) Raise Your Bed and Store Bedding & Other Linen Underneath

Furniture like beds take up a fair bit of space but are a necessity. One way around this is to have a bed high enough to use storage containers underneath. Using these, you are able to store excess bed linen, clothing or other items out of the way and out of view.

We hope these small space storage ideas have been useful in some way. That said if the expansion of your current home is a possible solution to your space issues, why not give Expand Renovate a call or message? We’re only too happy to help you out.