If you’re planning to renovate your home, or simply want to keep up to date with the latest in renovation styles, keep reading. Brisbane homeowners this year are building and renovating their homes in unique ways that are different from any other period in recent history. This is due to changes in our life from covid, ongoing climate change, and our family situations have changed. Here are six of the most popular house renovation trends this year:

Work-from-home Spaces

Over the past year and a half, many of us have had the experience of working from home. While residents of Brisbane have for the most part been able to return to the office or workplace, many people have found benefits from working from home and have continued to do so, part-time or full-time. This has created a new demand for dedicated spaces in the home. While open plan living has been a powerful trend for many years, more homeowners are looking to put more walls up to create home offices and other areas where they can be focused, productive, and minimise noise and other distractions from within the home. 

Making Room for Multi-generational Households

According to research from the University of NSW’s Faculty of Built Environment’s City Futures Research Centre, 20 per cent of people living in Australia live in ‘multi-generational households’, this means there are more than one generation of related adults living under the same roof. Sometimes this is adult children who are taking longer than previous generations to move out (20 percent of early twenties are still at home), or an aging relative staying with family for support. 

Whatever the situation, more adult family members are needed for adequate spaces that allow the home to function and flow well. A popular method of achieving this is by adding a granny flat type of structure to your property, either built from new or by converting a pool house or freestanding garage. The advantage of this option is that if your relative does move out, this could be rented out in the future. 

Alternatively, home extensions are a great way to make space for everyone. With an extension or second storey addition, you can add entirely new bedrooms, kitchenettes, and bathrooms so that your family has enough space and utilities to live comfortably. 

Energy-efficient Solutions

A renovation and home that is eco-friendly and sustainable is increasingly being sought after by Brisbane homeowners. The tropical climate in Queensland means we rarely need heating solutions, although in winter your family may be running heaters on cooler mornings. To prevent this, bedrooms that need extra sun and warmth in winter should be oriented towards your block so that they receive the morning sun. Living spaces can avoid the harsh afternoon sun and heat by being situated in the middle of the home. We can work with you in planning a renovation build that is energy efficient and keeps your home cool without the need to run your air conditioner high throughout the summer.

Indoor-Outdoor Living

The tropical climate of south Queensland has made indoor-outdoor living a popular choice for a long time, and it continues to be. If you have a lush garden or beach views, you will want to make the most out of your location by opening your home up with areas that embrace the outdoors. Foldaway doors connecting the living room to an outside door and matching tiles create illusions of a singular, connected space. 

Create a Bathroom Sanctuary

Australians are looking for a spa-like experience within their own homes. Hero baths, wooden finishes, houseplants, and carefully designed and planned layouts can help achieve this feeling in your home. Lighting is also important, depending on the feeling you’re trying to create in your space, you might want to focus on adding more natural light to your space or use white downlights, or even a statement pendant light for a real luxurious feeling. 

Looking to renovate your Brisbane home?

Hopefully, this article has provided you with some inspiration and guidance for ways you can optimise your living spaces for your needs. Brisbane homes are lucky to have a great climate and vibrant plant-life surrounding them, embrace your location with modern, well-designed space that will enhance your day-to-day life. Expand Renovate has the best builders and renovation designers in Brisbane. Reach out to us to see how we can help you implement some of these renovation trends – or any other ideas you have for your home.